Tírame de la lengua

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Tírame de la lengua

In the round table "Tírame de la lengua" we want to delve into how relationships considered "unconventional" are seen in today's society, the vision they have about bdsm and how these practices affect us in the socio-political framework.

Myths of those who practice bdsm, their sexual orientation, why the liberal world is getting closer to fetishism, vanilla bdsm and if we can all become practitioners.

What part of security, not only in bdsm, with ssc and in the rack should we take in our affective sex relationships, in social networks and bdsm 2.0. What measures should we take and what red flags do we have to take into account in manipulative people?

A round table in full freedom to ask and answer, without taboos, or "look good", open and spontaneous dialogue, of topics that interest us all.

Eva Moreno

Eva Moreno, sexologist, couples therapist and specialist in adult toys. FOUNDER OF TAPERSEX®️Member of the AES, Association of Specialists in Sexology, with extensive training in Sexology and Couple Therapies, regent since 1999 of her Tapersex®️BOUTIQUE store, linked to the world of communications where she collaborates on radio and television programs, and writer of 3 books, the last "My desire depends on ME" that will be at the Sexvitae Stand, where she will be signing dedications to those who buy her book and want to discover her deepest desires.. More on their website: https://evamorenosexologa.com/

Jordi Gascon

Jordi Gascon, biologist and sexologist specialized in erotic disclosure and advice. Creator of his website, http://erotonomia.com/ , where he unites eroticism and gastronomy, offering innumerable information workshops, appearing in many media, collaborator in local Swinger contributing his knowledge and also gives advice on erotic games in private. Its premise is to provide information and training, real, truthful and without myths about sexual health and sexuality.

Joanna Bliss

Joanna Bliss is dedicated to writing, moving, inspiring and accompanying women to be what they want. From her GranDiosasZorras project, with which she promotes authenticity, self-love, freedom and honesty with oneself, she helps them delve into their interior, to empower themselves and become their most authentic selves, accompanied by her and by other women. in the same situation without competition or judgments.

Within this project, she has created the Ladies Experience «Discover yourself», an experience with which she helps other women to know, accept, love and connect with their body on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, breaking prejudices and beliefs, through of self-knowledge, positive emotions, therapeutic writing, interaction and debate in a safe environment, changing the way you observe and treat yourself to take care of it and honor it as the sacred temple that it is.

She has collaborated in some anthologies and is the author of the book “Nude. Verses, confessions and stories of a Lady in heels... at times».

Jordi Clotas

Jordi Clotas, graduate in Philosophy, postgraduate in Sexology and nude photographer. Linked through different projects, to the always active life of Barcelona eroticism. Based on the experience gained in his years as public relations and couples counselor in two swinger clubs in the Catalan capital, reviewing the philosophy of the liberal environment from emotional management and social intelligence, he has written leading books such as "Swinger Code" ( 2017) the books in reversible format Positive Attitudes / Negative Attitudes (2013), War of the Sexes? / War of the Sexes! (2014), Positive Emotions / Negative Emotions (2015), and the small-format works, The Nature Book of Happiness (2013), The Nature Book of Sense of Humor (2013), Living with Serenity (2016) and Flowing with Life (2016).

Contetulio in radio programs, conductor of cinema programs, photographer and speaker in SEB and Erostreet and also a film scriptwriter, totally multifaceted, in order to be able to give information and vision of eroticism and sexuality, will be in the round table "Tírame of the tongue".

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