First aid in BDSM

The Black Hole Tarragona

First aid in BDSM

The Barcelona BDSM Festival begins and as a declaration of intent, a first aid workshop opens the event, in which we expect all beginners or experienced.

We start with safety because we believe that it is the basis for being able to carry out all kinds of practices or be able to react to any accident or health problem.

For all the team that created Sanctuary and the festival, it seems to us that there is no better way to open it and make it clear that without safety and first aid knowledge it should not be played.

The workshop is sponsored by The Black Hole, a beautiful dungeon on the Costa Dorada and Reino de Domina Mia, it will be taught by “The Doc”, an intensivist, collegiate and practicing doctor who is also knowledgeable about BDSM.

No one will miss it.

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