Lady Napalm

Esotericism and sexuality.

Speaker 1

Esotericism and sexuality.

At my table you will be able to find the strength of the fusion between esotericism and sexuality. They are two great adjectives that define me and I want to share my work with you, for this as a good witch, I mix both things with my magic, You can find everything from small sexual amulets to candles ritualized exclusively by me for requests of a sexual and passionate nature.

Candles in the shape of masculine and feminine attributes to integrate both energies. Alchemical powders to transmute and energize. Packs for those who want it all hehe

My pendulum will also be with me, since it doesn't want to miss the opportunity to answer you if it comes to that! And we will talk about the power of orgasm as an element, when performing a ritual or consecrating materials.

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