Montse Casaoliva

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Montse Casaoliva

HOW I DEFINE MYSELF I move through the hybrid part of life, elitist environments where the group culture is much more transgressive and less dramatized by the rules. I get uncomfortable in certain environments. I wanted to be real in private and learn to really breathe. That is why my work is based on respect for sexual diversity. I am also finishing my first book of erotic stories which, I hope, will see the light of day in a few months.

EFFE INTERVIEW Barcelona, ​​Mar 14 (EFE).- In the work of Montse Casaoliva, an artist who has her ecosystem in digital illustration, sexual identity is not relevant when evaluating the real beauty of bodies, a cry for diversity that this creator will bring to a collective exhibition that the Modigliani Foundation will present in Venice in April and May. Casaoliva creates what is called NFT for screens (the Non Fungible Token is the unit of value within the digital artistic field). However, on this occasion, given the lack of market and demand that still exists for these supports, he has chosen to transfer his small-format drawings to larger-scale recycled aluminum plates, perfect for enjoying their slender bodies (or not). of androgynous, ambiguous beings, half covered by garments that are torn between a dark eroticism and a certain provocation. The seven works that the Barcelona artist has selected for the Biennale Fondazione Modigliani exhibition can be seen from April 1 to May 25 in the mansion that this entity has as its headquarters a few steps from the Venetian Saint Mark's Square and in which -through an open call artist- welcomes the works of creators with innovative proposals or speeches. "My idea has always been to make sexual identity visible, of the differences of being binary, to show that they exist, give them a context, grant them respect, as art, and in turn help normalize experiences that should already be normalized within the world of sexuality and also within the artistic field," the Barcelona artist told Efe. Casaoliva's "characters" do not implore that diversity, they exhibit it, without complexes, some keep the viewer's gaze, others turn their backs, but there are also those who seem to ignore him, with an indifference and disdain typical of someone who is no longer willing to put up with more moral judgments from anyone.

"There are other types of sexuality that do not have to be punished, judged, or reported, but unfortunately, this does not happen because there are many repressions among those of us who belong to the LGTBI collective or who practice, for example, polyamory. It is my grain of sand so that all this is normalized", affirms the creator, who does not seek to provoke the public, she insists, but to generate in it a reflection on the intimate, the private and the supposed orthodoxy in sexuality. "You can have an 'alter ego', have a sexual fantasy that, if you want, you can share with your partner, even if you're a binary couple, and if you're from a minority group within sexual identities, you don't have to hide, you can openly share, open the borders of that world a little to others", he argues. The works that Casaoliva will take to Venice will have their corresponding certificate of authorship, and thus, if any buyer is interested, they will have the sheet metal printing and its digitally authenticated original version. "Art galleries are reluctant to use digital media, they prefer the physical, there are few screens, and as long as they don't find a place, such as the metaverse (the alternative reality in a virtual world supported by some large technology corporations) to be able to exhibit the works in a digital format, I'll have to make it physical as well," he says. Until now, the artist has mainly used social networks to show her work (ttps://, in addition to exhibiting in various spaces and cultural centers in Barcelona and Andalusia, mainly in graphic format of sheets, and in this sense he highlights the Venetian opportunity: "the selection by the Modigliani Foundation, which came almost as a surprise to me, is a gift". The collective exhibition in Venice will be followed by another in Zurich (Switzerland), which in this case will be digital. Casaoliva, who has lived in several cities in Europe, as well as in Australia and Brazil, considers himself purely self-taught in the artistic field, despite the academic training he has completed in various centers and now wants to go deeper with experimentation through motion graphics technology (multimedia graphic animation). "I want to apply these tools to give movement and sound to the works, create stories of realities of people who belong to the group of different sexual identities, animated stories that offer a point of view that is often not seen," he advances.

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