Discipline workshops

Spank, whips, mummificatión, electro etc

Spank, whips, mummificatión, electro etc

In the morning and after having a coffee, waking up and listening to Doc with his first aid workshop, we get down to business in the main hall, where you will have different areas with people with extensive experience in bdsm and knowledge in discipline, because yes... everything has its technique, however simple it may seem to clap or flogger, recognizing the red zones in different disciplines will help us to have a safer and more fun game.

We will have reference people who will teach us details and techniques that they have learned for years in BDSM.

We will have Jut and Paul who will teach us how to play safely in different disciplines. You have to go through his corner because in addition to his sympathy, you will have enlightening talks.

To Mr. Kaseka, rest assured that it will be a great discovery for all of you, as it has been for us, who has the whole team open-mouthed, you will discover the most brutal Brico sado that you have never seen and will give you a thousand ideas, to be able to recreate them, in addition to teaching us how to use the whip without pain..

And from whip to whip… We have Mr. Mirror Edas, owner and creator of E&L Whipmakers, a fantasy for all spank lovers to be able to enjoy the sensation of having a wonderful whip in their hand .

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